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“You should be a life coach!”


Justin Smith has heard that from friends and strangers alike, for years. While he’s not necessarily assumed such a title, he’s definitely made a life out of uplifting others’.



Justin’s expertise in education, social work, marketing and senior care spans 14 years, and his acumen is backed by an unparalleled passion for bettering people’s lives. A graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology, Justin kicked-off his career as a Teach for America Corps Member.



His selfless work with the Corps inspired a continued path of tirelessly working with the public to help improve others--whether it was social work or marketing for a senior care facility. He later became an independent wellness coach, where he guided a diverse client population toward routine, life-enriching wellness plans.



The fulfillment he’s experienced through every facet of his career has led him to the creation of Spin Junkie--a fitness endeavor geared at empowering others to be their very own driver of life improvement.

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